Minutes 2009

World Saxophone Congress Minutes July 12, 2009

The International Saxophone Committee, present:

  • Claude Delangle, President
  • Eric Nestler, Secretary
  • Chee Meng Low, Member

Members Nolan, Gaultier, and Bornkamp could not be present.

Assembly was declared opened by President Delangle, at 9:05 AM.

I. President Delangle: Purpose of today’s meeting:

  1. Reelect the International Saxophone Committee
  2. Vote on the XVI WSC

II. Thank you to the following for the World Saxophone Congress:

  • His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej
  • Royal Thai Government,
  • Dr. Sugree Charoensook
  • Mr. Shyen Lee, artistic director
  • Joe Bowman
  • Chanita, project manager
  • Mr. Krit
  • Advisory Committee: Street, Rousseau, Londeix
  • TPO, Airya Charoensook and conductor Allan Mc Murray
  • Mahidol Wind Symphony, conductor, Christopher Hughes
  • One O Clock Lab Band, Dean James Scott
  • Faculty and Staff, Mahidol University
  • Sponsors and exhibitors

III. Ballots:

Write six names, maximum.

IV. Proposed Members, in order on the list (physical presence required):

  • Shyen Lee
  • Thomas Liley
  • Kenneth Tse
  • Timothy Roberts
  • Roger Greenberg
  • Chien Kwan Lin
  • Claude Delangle
  • Ryan Muncy
  • Joel Diegert
  • Clifford Leaman
  • Jean Francois Guay
  • Jose Silgvero
  • Marie Bernadette Charrier
  • Franscico Martinez
  • Barry Cockroft
  • Alain Crepin
  • Andy Scott

V. Ballots were collected.

VI. Statutes of the International Committee:

Copies are available from Chee Meng Low.

VII. Three Propositions for the WSCVXI

A. Richard Ingham, Director
(Margaret Douglas, Project Coordinator)

  • Saint Andrews, Scottland
  • July 10—15th, 2012
  • Because it is the home of “golf” Saint Andrews can host a quarter of a million people effortlessly.
  • Accommodation: student (29 pounds, 58 USD). Hotel deals have been negotiated. All within walking distance of restaurants and venues
  • No charge for hiring percussion or electronic instruments
  • Royal Band Service for Wind Band Concertos
  • Negotiating with leading composers to write new pieces
  • Branford Marseilis is already to play Andy Scott’s new work.
  • Theme: Traditions, Old and New
  • Encourage high quality music—focus on music within the past three years, that has already been tried and “tested.”
  • Strands:
    • “Soprillo” strand;
    • “Tenor” led by Andy Scott;
    • electronic music strand
  • Hosting a John Cage Festival, along with John Sampen.
  • Joel Versivaud will present the Lauba etudes in churches.
  • Commissions of works to be performed in historic grounds, especially,
  • Andrew Carnegie Hall (the original)
  • Student bursaries for Asian Students will be available
  • International Quartet
  • Street performances will be encouraged
  • Strong Organizing Committee:
  • financial management and web support
  • Ingham organized many international saxophone events
  • Trade stands
  • Website:
    • Michael Brogan, speech on Scotland.
    • Sue McKenzie, Scottish Arts Council funding

B. Francisco Martinez

  • Madrid, Spain
  • Letter from Spanish Saxophone Association
  • Madrid information and background of halls, hotels
  • Video presentation:
    • Madrid infrastructure, international trade and business
  • Hotel:
    • Auditorium 2,000 plus, people (15 minutes from hotel)
    • Reception desk
  • Musical Support:
    • Wind Bands, Orchestra, Chamber Concerts
    • Madrid Symphonic Orchestra
    • Symphonic Municipal Band
    • Radio and TV Symphonic Orchestra
    • Broadcasting on TV
    • Autonoma University of Madrid and the University of Alcala
  • Saxophone Companies:
    • Selmer, Yamaha, Rico have stated their support
  • Facilities:
    • same hotel
    • National Music Auditorium in four rooms, simultaneously
    • Participation and promotion from Latin American Countries
    • Providing accessible halls
    • Promote broadcasting in the media
    • Promoting the new works and research
    • Website is to remain open
  • New Additions to the Congress:
    • Open up Latin America to be a more active participant
    • To offer scholarships to Latin American Students and other
    • emerging countries
  • Research:
    • history, repertoire; spread throughout the web
  • 20,000 people play saxophone in Spain

C. Philippe Geiss

  • Strasbourg, France
  • The French Saxophone Association, Colleagues
  • (Georgel, Delangle, Prost, Tressos,  Goury, and Charrier)
  • Choice of town:
  • Location, hotel choice
  • Strasbourg Conservatory
  • 10 halls
  • 2000 seats – 700 seats (two halls), 10 minutes from tram
  • World Music
  • Orchestras in Strasbourg: Symphony Orchestra, other part of France
  • Belgian or Swiss
  • Words from Timothy Roberts

VIII. New International Committee Results:

  • Shyen Lee: 30 (5)
  • Thomas Liley: 30 (6)
  • Kenneth Tse: 56 (2)
  • Timothy Roberts: 26
  • Roger Greenberg: 11
  • Chien Kwan Lin: 22
  • Claude Delangle: 72 (1)
  • Ryan Muncy: 15
  • Joel Diegert: 8
  • Clifford Leaman: 13
  • Marie B. Charrier: 27
  • Jean Francois Guay: 10
  • Jose Silgvio: 17
  • Francisco Martinez: 10
  • Barry Cockcroft: 45 (4)
  • Alain Crepin: 20
  • Andy Scott: 47 (3)

IX. Questions for Presenters:

  1. Sampen: for Geiss: are there committed orchestras or bands?
  2. Street: for Geiss: will you get support from the European Government?

X. Collection of Ballots result is:

  • Saint Andrews, 63
  • France, 24
  • Spain, 24

XI. Emails of new International Committee

XII. Numbers:

  • Number of saxophone participants, 470
  • Total of staff, composers, and saxophonists, 1123

Chee Meng Low
Eric Nestler

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