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Sonata for Baritone Saxophone & Piano – David DeBoor Canfield

Composer: David DeBoor Canfield (born 1950)

Date of Composition: 2008

Country: USA

Dedication and premiere: Kenneth Tse

Premiere: Kenneth Tse, saxophone
Jason Sifford, piano
November 14th, 2008, University of Iowa

Duration: 13 minutes

Difficulty level: 8

Stylistic Features:
1. Tempo di Bolero
2. Tempo di Marcia Funebre
3. Tempo de Tarantella

Instrumentation: baritone saxophone and piano

PublisherEnharmonic Press

Recording: NA

Other comments:
The Sonata for Baritone Saxophone and Piano was begun on February 18, 2008 and completed on the following April 7th. It is the third of a projected four sonatas written for saxophonist, Kenneth Tse, one for each of the four major saxophones. The work comprises three movements, each set to a tempo marking of 76 beats per minute. However, the mood of each movement is quite different from the other two. The first is a bolero, with a distinct Spanish flavor. The second is set as a funeral march, a form the composer returns to from time to time to keep himself mindful of the temporal nature of earthly life. The third is a whirlwind movement set as a tarantella, with tonal divagations sometimes far moved from its central tonality of D Major, which complements the tonalities of d minor in movement I and f minor in movement II.