World Saxophone Congress Postponed Until 2022

The 19th WSC & Festival Kurashiki that was scheduled to be held in July 2021 will be postponed to 2022.
「Notifications from 19th World Saxophone Congress organizing committee」 

The 19th WSC & Festival Kurashiki that was scheduled to be held in July 2021 will be postponed to 2022.

As a result of safety concerns over the COVID-19 global pandemic, the WSC organizing committee, the host city Kurashiki, and the International Saxophone committee have agreed to postpone the WSC to 2022. The organizing committee will continue making preparations to hold the event.

Please check back with this website for updates on the 19th WSC schedule for 2022.
We appreciate your continued support and cooperation.

August 15, 2020
WSC organizing committee

International Saxophone Committee

Welcome to the website of the International Saxophone Committee. Supporting the World Saxophone Congress.

The year 2019 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the first World Saxophone Congress, held in Chicago. Originally conceived by Paul Brodie and quickly joined by Eugene Rousseau, six goals were established to help elevate the status of the saxophone. The goals included the commission and performance of new repertoire, the presentation of recital programs and clinics, and the establishment of methods of communication among saxophonists. The past eighteen Congresses have succeeded in fostering the creation of hundreds of new compositions for the saxophone in a wide range of genres. Each Congress has offered outstanding performances and invaluable clinics and master classes by the leading performers and teachers of our instrument.

The Congress has expanded from a one-day gathering in 1969 to the present five-day event. The past fifty+ years have seen a tremendous growth in the enthusiasm for our instrument as evidenced by the many gifted young artists who have performed at the Congresses. Congresses have been held in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Thailand, Scotland, France and Croatia.

Perhaps the most important aspect of these gatherings is the spirit of camaraderie present at each Congress. The performances have often been brilliant and the music remarkable, but for many, an equally important aspect of these meetings is the opportunity to meet with old friends and to make new ones. The willingness of colleagues to discuss their experiences and share their insights has made each Congress extraordinary.

The World Saxophone Congress presents an opportunity to meet saxophonists from many countries, to attend clinics and lectures, and to listen to various concerts and performances by saxophone soloists, chamber ensembles, jazz ensembles, wind ensembles, and symphony orchestras.

Thomas Liley
Author of A Brief History of the World Saxophone Congress 1969-2000.