Minutes 2012

World Saxophone Congress Minutes July 15, 2012

The International Saxophone Committee, present:

  • Claude Delangle (France, President)
  • Kenneth Tse (United States)
  • Barry Cockcroft (Australia)
  • Thomas Liley (United States)
  • Shyen Lee (Thailand)
  • Richard Ingham (United Kingdom)
  • apologies from Andy Scott (United Kingdom) could not be present due to illness.

Assembly was declared opened by President Delangle, at 10:10 AM.
Performance by Scottish Saxophone Ensemble composed by Richard Ingham

I. Claude Delangle: Purpose of today’s meeting:

  • Reelect the International Saxophone Committee
  • Vote on the XVII WSC 2015

2. Thanks to Richard Ingham.
Pleased to discover the historic town of St. Andrews.
The setting has had a deep influence on the congress.
A human and sensitive approach to the congress.
The standard of playing around the world is improving dramatically.
20 minutes seems short but was an excellent duration for the audience.
10 minute gap excellent to meet people and to remain refreshed.

3. Richard Ingham statement.
Thanks for attending.
All who have worked on the congress felt the inspiration.
We have maintained traditions old and new.
We have encouraged people not to forget the historic repertoire.
A special thanks to the people who have worked on the congress.
The congress Facilitates friendship.
Richard had an idea, others did the work!

Special thanks to:

Executive committee: Margaret Douglass, Michael Brogan & Sue McKenzie
Kenny Boyd (website)
Ruth Harris (liaison officer)
Andrew Moss (logistics)
Sarah Markham (artist liaison)
Christoph Gräfe (volunteers)
Ms Alison Malcolm (congress stand)
Scott Mitchell, Paul Turner, Ingrid Sawer (official accompanists)
Steve Sinclair (technical in the Byre Theatre)
Kenny Irons (sound)

4. New initiatives.
Acknowledgement of former organisers, J-M Londeix, Shyen Lee who were both present.
Barry Cockcroft discusses two new web based projects saxbook.com and tenorsaxindex.info

Javier Valerio to introduce the Latin American Saxophone Alliance. alasax.org is an organisation for the exchange of cultural, academic and professional information. There are 21 members and they will be organising the first latin american saxophone congress.

Claude Delangle acknowledges NASA works in a regional and national congress. Always impressed with the community feeling within the University system.

Thomas Liley discusses the idea of a federation of the world’s saxophone organisations.
NASA assist alasax to set up.
Share information between members.
Share publications.

5. Nominees for new committee (+votes received):

  1. Rhett Bender (15)
  2. Barry Cockcroft (90)
  3. Claude Delangle (120)
  4. Richard Ingham (65)
  5. Thomas Liley (53)
  6. Julia Nolan (65)
  7. Timothy Roberts (56)
  8. Leo Saguiguit
  9. Shyen Lee (55)
  10. Kenneth Tse (88)
  11. Javier Valerio (84)

Meeting attendees to select a maximum of 6 names from the list.

To assist with the voting, each nominee is asked to give an impromptu and brief statement as to why they want to be on the committee.

Philippe Geiss has the only proposal for the next World Saxophone Congress.

Project proposal from Philippe Geiss and M. Daniel Payot, Culture Deputy of the city of Strasbourg.

Vote for next congress in Strasbourg, France 2015. Accepted.

New committee elected.

  • Claude Delangle (France, President)
  • Kenneth Tse (United States)
  • Barry Cockcroft (Australia)
  • Richard Ingham (United Kingdom)
  • Javier Valerio (Costa Rica)
  • Julia Nolan (Canada)

Sax&Co” and the “French WSC Strasbourg 2015” committee were very happy to offer the Champagne at the end of the general assembly to celebrate the next WSC in Strasbourg.

Meeting closed 12:00PM.