WSC Proposal Information

Thank you for your interest in hosting a World Saxophone Congress.

Normally all proposals are presented for voting on the final day of the World Saxophone Congress. Due to the cancellation of the Japanese WSC, proposals are being accepted  from members of the saxophone community. 

Due to these exceptional circumstances, the next World Saxophone Congress host will be chosen directly by majority vote of the International Saxophone Committee.

Proposals to host the next World Saxophone Congress should be submitted by prerecorded video or in detailed written format along with any relevant documentation to be viewed, discussed and voted upon by members of the International Saxophone Committee. 

Proposals must be received no later than the end of February, 2023.

  • The guidelines below will help to give an idea of some considerations when considering hosting a World Saxophone Congress.

  • You must be present in person at the upcoming World Saxophone Congress to propose to the body of participants during the general meeting (schedule will be determined by the current host).

  • There is no official format required for your presentation. However, we encourage you to make your proposal as appealing and accurate as possible to give participants the best information on which to vote upon.

  • Normally, the presentation should be no more than 30 minutes. For the best result, we suggest no less than 15 minutes. Again, it is advisable to present as much information as you could offer to all participants. Visual aids are highly recommended such as video or PowerPoint presentation but they are not required. You would need to work with the current host to request any equipment needed.

  • According to our statutes, the International Saxophone Committee does NOT select the host country unless under extenuating circumstances. During the General Meeting, WSC participants will vote to select their desired destination (please see announcement in box above). 

    Important information for your consideration and include in your proposal:

    • Propose dates for your event (the length of WSC is normally five days).
    • Propose location(s) for your event.
    • General requirements for the location:
      • Large concert hall for evening concerts (1600+ seats)
      • Small concert hall for major recitals and master classes
      • Many large rooms for simultaneous performances throughout the event.
      • Concert hall(s) equipped with audio/video systems for the electronic and multimedia proposals.
      • Large room/hall to host the general meeting (250+ seats)
      • Community interactions are recommended but not required
      • Accessibility for people who need them.
    • Provide a range of professional collaborative musicians to assist the participants. 
    • Announce involvement of any professional ensembles (usually band and orchestra) for accompanying soloists in evening concerts
    • Present any committed financial support from the city and/or other sponsorships
    • The number of WSC attendants varies but normally 1500+

    Thank you for your interest in hosting the next World Saxophone Congress! All the very best!