Philippe Geiss

Philippe Geiss


Saxophonist, composer and pedagogue, tireless advocate of reconciliation between different musical spheres he has always favored the creation of bridges between the music.

Partner classical performances and improvised by Jean-Francois Zygel and fellow traveler of jazzman Jerry Bergonzi, he developed a language based on his many artistic experiences.

Specialist “Crossover”, he speaks with the same passion in classical, jazz or mix multi – cultural music of today.

Professor at the Strasbourg Conservatory and the Academy of Music in Strasbourg – High School of Arts of the Rhine.

He gives concerts and master classes around the world, the “Blue Note” of New York to Shanghai, Madrid, Boston, Montreal, Tokyo, Bangkok, Miami, Montevideo or Sydney.

He obtained, along with Emmanuel Séjourné, the price of French Record Academy for his arrangements of Debussy, Ibert and Milhaud and the award for best music at Festival of Avignon, for “The Legend of the Centuries” by Victor Hugo.

Much in demand as a composer, he is played by prestigious performers: U.S. Navy Band, Branford Marsalis, Nederland wind ensemble, Slovenian Police Orchestra, Trombonissimo, Quartets: Habanera, Alloy Diastema, Ellipsos, …

His music ranges from contemporary research, swing jazz and exoticism of world music.

Its catalog includes parts for all levels, from beginners to more experienced performers.

His works are published by Robert Martin, Billaudot, Leduc, Alphonce production, …

His curiosity for research in the field of new instruments led him to focus today on “Karlax” new multimedia tool designed for the Performing Arts

He directs the association Sax & Co organizes each year from mid-November to late December “Encounters of the saxophone.” In continuation of this action he now coordinates the nomination of France to host the World Saxophone Congress in Strasbourg in July 2015.

This is a Selmer artist, Rico and Da Fact