Minutes 2015

17th World Saxophone Congress Minutes July 14, 2015

Pavillon Josephine, Strasbourg, France

The International Saxophone Committee, present:

  • Claude Delangle (France, President)
  • Barry Cockcroft (Australia)
  • Kenneth Tse (United States)
  • Javier Valerio (Costa Rica)
  • Richard Ingham (United Kingdom)
  • Philippe Geiss (France)

Apologies from Julia Nolan (Canada) could not be present due to personal reasons.

Assembly was declared opened by President Delangle, at 10:30 AM.

Claude Delangle, president of the International Saxophone Committee, opened the General Meeting and gave the floor to Kenneth Tse who paid tribute to Thomas Lilley, a former member of the International Committee of the Saxophone, who passed away suddenly in January 2013. The University of Iowa, USA will create an archival collection in his memory. Nancy Liley, wife of Thomas Liley, hopes that the fund benefits the world of the saxophone. A minute’s silence is offered in memory of Thomas Liley.

The President then gave the agenda:

  1. Report of the 17th World Saxophone Congress (SaxOpen) in Strasbourg, France 2015.
  2. Proposal for the creation of a World Saxophone Alliance – WSA. Questions. Election.
  3. Re-election of members of the International Saxophone Committee.
  4. Presentation of candidates. Vote.
  5. Election site of the 18th World Saxophone Congress. Questions. Vote.

1. Report of the 17th World Saxophone Congress (SaxOpen), Strasbourg, France 2015:

Claude Delangle welcomed the presence and patronage of Jean-Marie Londeix and offered a look at the SaxOpen numbers:

  • 25,000 viewers / spectators
  • 1030 show tickets / concert tickets
  • 2792 pass issued / sold passes
  • 146 volunteers / volontaires
  • 38 engineers / technicians
  • a team of 9 people / A team of 9 people
  • 350 creations / about 350 premieres
  • 47 nations / nationalities
  • Approximately 450 events / 450 events
  • 2 exhibitions / 2 exhibitions
  • 380 recitals
  • 20 lectures / conferences 20
  • 4 masterclasses
  • 6 evening concerts / 6 evening concerts
  • 11 evening concerts before / 11 pre-evening concerts / 10 concerts in the Alsace Region
  • Some pictures are shown.

Claude Delangle congratulated Philippe Geiss, Jenn Mathilde and Cécile Haefele and the whole organising team for their excellent work. The 17th World Saxophone Congress (SaxOpen) had levels of participation never before achieved. All musical styles were represented.

Claude Delangle said he was pleased to participate in regular meetings of the Artistic Committee in Paris during the past three years in preparation for the Congress alongside:

  • Claude Georgel
  • Gilles Tressos
  • Jean-Michel Goury
  • Jerome Laran
  • Marie Charrier-Be
  • Laurent Matheron
  • Nicolas Prost
  • David Vincent
  • Fred Couderc

Joseph Lallo also worked with the artistic committee, including the implementation of the programming. Claude Delangle pointed out the collegiality and consensuality of the organisation (a tribute to the Alsatian culture!).

Claude Delangle also welcomed the strong presence of young musicians for Congress, citing the project EURO SAX 100 as an example. He thanked the professional team who organized the whole project.

2. Proposal for the creation of a World Saxophone Alliance – WSA. Questions. Election.

Claude Delangle introduced the idea of a World Saxophone Alliance (WSA). A few years ago, Thomas Lilley suggested the idea of ​​setting up an international association to link to the World Saxophone Congress and other saxophone events worldwide. An early discussion was established on the initiative of Philippe Geiss with some members of the International Saxophone Committee and the jury present during the Adolphe Sax International Competition in Dinant, Belgium. He gave the floor to Philippe Geiss who explained that the International Saxophone Alliance could be along the lines of what exists for the clarinet. This could ensure transmission between successive organisers of congresses, create a great resource centre and maintain links between saxophonists. Other examples included:

  • Competitions
  • The saxophone related events
  • Exchange Programs
  • Scholarship programs
  • Recording collection
  • Aid for the next conference organisers

This is only a beginning but it is the right time to launch the World Saxophone Alliance (WSA). The SaxOpen Artistic Committee has put a lot of thought into the the work of this proposed alliance.

Thanks to the success of SaxOpen, the French Ministry of Culture, the Alsace Region and the City of Strasbourg are ready today to provide financial support to mount such an association. It is an ideal time to start this project.

We have the opportunity to have two paid full-time to work in the World Saxophone Alliance. This would help in particular to maintain the contact database and maintain a unity among all events in a legal manner.

It is emphasised that the new World Saxophone Alliance remains to be built and needs the right people to make it happen.

Jean-Marie Londeix wonders what will be the relationship between this World Saxophone Alliance (WSA) and national associations.

Philippe Geiss said that discussions have already been held with Kenneth Tse around the relationship between the WSA and NASA (North American Saxophone Alliance), e.g., including the membership system; individual members or  association members. Relationships are first around knowledge sharing. In the USA, NASA can help American students in all exchanges and projects, but in France we do not necessarily know this, so the WSA could make the connection between the knowledge of NASA and facilitate sharing information.

Kenneth Tse states that he is here to help the building of the ISA.

Claude Delangle adds that the International Saxophone Committee maintains its historical function to help one congress to transition to another. He cited the example of Rotterdam who canceled their candidacy in 1995; the committee had to find a new host city as a matter of urgency. The International Saxophone Committee maintains the moral responsibility to assist in the transition between conventions.

Richard Ingham notes that if our assembly validates this proposal, we will have a three years trial period. The General Assembly of the next Congress may decide to change the situation. The ISC remains responsible. These next three years are therefore a time to form and develop the new international association.

Jackie Lamar (USA) is pleased to note the funding support for the two full-time staff members but is concerned about the sustainability of funding.

Philippe Geiss replied that initial funding will help the association to get started but it will also need to consider finding other funding sources to sustain this organisation including public subsidies, sponsors and patrons, memberships, etc.

Claude Delangle stressed the need to establish a valid legal relationship linking the ISC control and ownership of databases, website, etc. Indeed, if the International Saxophone Alliance were to disappear, the ISC must ensure that the work accomplished is not lost and is the first task of the International Alliance.

Kenneth Tse (USA) stressed that NASA used an external management company for the first time to help organise NASA’s finances and memberships.

Javier Valerio (Costa Rica) took the floor to stress that this would be a way to bring together the information collected by the national or regional associations; the ALASAX (Association of Saxophonists Latin America) support this approach. ALASAX comprises twenty countries. The idea is to connect all organisations of the world.

Lev Pupis (Slovenia): recalls that European funds exist to also support collaborations between European countries, so we could apply for these programs.

Claude Delangle then put to the vote the question:
“Do we support the creation of a World Saxophone Alliance, under the responsibility and the board of the International Saxophone Committee? ”
The result:
YES: 132
NO: 4

It was therefore decided to formally establish the Word Saxophone Alliance – WSA under the responsibility of the International Saxophone Committee – ISC.

Claude Delangle took the opportunity to introduce and thank the and present members of the International Saxophone Committee: Richard Ingham (United Kingdom), Barry Cockcroft (Australia), Javier Valerio (Costa Rica), Kenneth Tse (USA), Philippe Geiss (France), Julia Nolan (Canada) apologised having had to leave for personal reasons.

3. Re-election of members of the International Committee of the Saxophone. Presentation of candidates. Vote.

Candidates are presented:
Jonathan Helton (USA) was president of NASA.
Alain Crépin (Brussels) and founder of the International Competition of Dinant (emphasis on youth.
Lev Pupis (Ljubljana, Slovenia), SOS and SOS Junior Orchestra program, organizing a festival in Slovenia.
Richard Ingham (Scotland): the ISC for 6 years, “wisdom and counsel” summarize its application! Director of the 16th WSC in Saint Andrew in 2012.
Barry Cockcroft (Australia): Interested in the continued development of relationships between composers and performers.
Claude Delangle (Paris) followed all World Congress since the Bordeaux in 1974 is very interested in this new period which opens with the WSA
Javier Valerio (Costa Rica): President of the Latin American Association saxophonists (Alasax). Organizes large gatherings in South America, twenty countries cooperate and exchange.
Kenneth Tse (USA): NASA president, wants to share its experience in the construction of the new alliance.
Philippe Geiss (Strasbourg): SaxOpen organiser, helped by the ISC for the project and wants to continue to be part to help the new WSA project close to his heart.

The members must enter a maximum of 6 names on the ballot. The seventh member of the Committee will be the organizer of the next Congress (ex officio).

Are elected to the International Committee of the saxophone:
Kenneth Tse (USA): 119 votes
Claude Delangle (France): 115 votes
Philippe Geiss (France): 102 votes
Barry Cockcroft (Australia): 100 votes
Javier Valerio (Costa Rica): 99 votes
Lev Pupis (Slovenia): 70 votes

According to the statutes, the CIS office is composed of
Kenneth Tse (USA): President
Claude Delangle (France): Vice President
Philippe Geiss (France): Vice Chairman
Barry Cockcroft (Australia): Secretary

5. Election site of the 18th World Saxophone Congress. Questions. Vote.

The application presented by Dragan Sremec Zagreb is the only proposal recorded by the CIS.

Dragan Sremec reported best reception conditions in Zagreb where the new building of the Academy of Music has just been inaugurated in the central square of Zagreb, opposite the National Theatre. All venues are downtown and can be reached in a few minute’s walk from each other. Except Lisinsky Hall, concert hall of the Zagreb Philharmonic which is a twenty minute walk or five minutes by public transport.

The Music Academy will host the Congress. It offers a room with 300 seats, three rooms with 120 seats, a recording studio with 80 seats, 70 practice studios plus many rehearsal rooms in the city music schools.
The National Theatre of Croatia welcomes 800.
The Lisinski Concert Hall has a total capacity of 1800 seats.
The Croatian Music Institute has room for 350 seats.
The Museum of Arts and Crafts will host exhibitions and conferences.
The atrium Klovićevi DVORI offers a capacity of 600 places for outdoor concerts and the Zrinjevac MUSIC PAVILION
Zagreb is a city accustomed to salons and international exhibitions and well endowed with hotels, inns, youth hostels.

The proposal is submitted to the vote of the Assembly:
YES: 149
NO: 4

The city of Zagreb is elected as the 18th destination World Saxophone Congress in 2018. Congratulations and Assembly’s best wishes are addressed to Dragan Sremec which is therefore an ex officio member of the International Committee of the Saxophone.

The General Assembly of the 17th World Saxophone Congress is closed with the congratulations and warm thanks to Philippe Geiss and the entire organising team SaxOpen! Loud applause and great emotion …

Signatories: members of the CIS for the period from July 2015 to July 2018:
Kenneth Tse (USA): President
Claude Delangle (France): Vice President
Philippe Geiss (France): Vice Chairman
Barry Cockcroft (Australia): Secretary
Javier Valerio (Costa Rica)
Lev Pupis (Slovenia)
Sremec Dragan (Croatia), organizer of the 18th World Saxophone Congress in 2018 in Zagreb (Croatia).

Notes taken by Jenn Mathilde and Claude Delangle.

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